Welcome to Summer 2022

We wish all our Guests & Visitors a warm welcome for Summer 2022. Whether you are a regular visitor or this is your first time to our village, San Stefano Travel looks forward to meeting you and enhancing your holiday experience here.

For more information you can also visit our website on http://www.san-stefano.gr


2 thoughts on “Welcome to Summer 2022

  1. Hi Noula Hope you are all well and have a good season. We have decided not to travel abroad for now but we may return sometime in the future. Best wishes to you all.

    Regards Steve Finn



    1. Good Morning Steve, thank you kindly for your post. Sorry to hear you will not be joining us this Summer however as always you can contact Noula via her email on info@san-stefano.gr – Just to introduce myself, I am Lesley the new member of the San Stefano Travel team for this Summer. I will be updating our Blog regularly this Summer.


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