When holidaying in San Stefanos, there is an abundance of information at your finger tips thanks to one lady who had a vision many years ago. San Stefano Travel has been a foundation block for San Stefanos since 1993, helping tourists with travel information, currency exchange and answering every question imaginable, from where to visit, to whether a speed boat has a handbrake! Noula Mouzakitis has taken it all in her stride and has worked tremendously to achieve what you see today.

Noula has lived locally all her life and was raised surrounded by a developing San Stefanos so she knows exactly what it has to offer. She has also known many of the returning guests for many years and has built a bond of trust with each of them. This bond also extends to her suppliers, with whom she works with to ensure the best quality excursions for her customers. Noula is a perfectionist and will accept nothing less in return.

Noula prides herself on her outstanding customer service, and this expectation is carried on to her staff also. She is careful to employ the right kind of staff who will help the business grow and who will go as far as she will to fulfill a customer’s needs. Past and present staff has helped Noula build the solid reputation that she has today, and they will carry on doing so. Her current Customer Service Assistant, Aline, shares the same vision for San Stefano Travel clients as Noula, and you can expect nothing less than outstanding service when you visit the office for any of your holiday needs. Both Noula and Aline are committed and passionate about sharing their love for their home island and subsequently ensuring a wonderful stay for all their clients.