Weddings in Corfu

San Stefano on the North West Coast holds a special charm which makes you dream to come back year after year and after year. For many it also becomes their dream destination for the most amazing & special day of their lives!! Their Wedding Day.

Our wedding planner Sally, from Just Married Corfu started planning and arranging weddings here at San Stefano Travel with Noula over 15 years ago and they have become experts in making all your wedding dreams come true.

You don’t have to worry about a thing, your job will be to enjoy the most amazing holiday, wedding and honeymoon all in one.

Whether you are looking for an intimate ceremony for 2 or the “Big Fat Greek Wedding” experience or perhaps a celebratory renewal of vows, a surprise proposal, a hen or stag night then here is the perfect place for you.

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San Stefano Travel – Private Transfers

San Stefano Travel arranges Private Transfers from the airport directly to your chosen accommodation and return with our sister company Margarita Wheels. We offer you a professional service where you arrive relaxed and refreshed. For more information check out our website and our dedicated website for transfers with our services and prices on :

Corfu Town Evening Out

Thursday evening and every Thursday for Summer 2022 we offer you our Corfu Evening excursion. The Cosmopolitan capital is alive during the evening (and cooler too) thus making it the perfect time to explore the narrow, pebbled lanes adorned with local souvenirs. You can sit on the famous Liston and watch the world go by with a coffee, Ouzo or even a ginger beer! Dine in one of the tavernas and enjoy the Corfiot cuisine on offer. Or visit the Old Fortress and marvel to at the town’s architecture.

A direct transfer from San Stefanos to Corfu can be booked with us here at San Stefano Travel. More information on this and other days & evenings out can be found on our website

Drop by our office, open daily 09.30 – 21.00 & Sundays 10.00 – 18.00 hours.

We look forward to seeing you.

San Stefano Travel 2022

Check out our latest 2022 San Stefano Travel Video, featuring our selected accommodation, including our newly upgraded Margarita’s Suites with their own private pools, our personal private transfers, car hire, weddings and all we are pleased to offer you this Summer for your holiday here in San Stefano NW Corfu. For more information and how to contact us our website is: or email directly to: – We look forward to seeing you this Summer…….

Margarita’s Suites 2022.

Corfu Town by Day.

This Tuesday 17/05 we offer our popular excursion to Corfu Town. A direct service from San Stefanos to Corfu Town allowing you plenty of time for Sightseeing, Shopping and Exploring the Island’s Cosmopolitan Capital and Historical Architecture too. For further information & to book – pop into San Stefano Travel & check out our website:

Corfu History – Saint Spyridon Day


If you have frequented the blissful little island of Corfu then you will most likely have noticed there is a large number of people with the name either Spyridon (Spiros) or Spyridoula.

Well there’s a reason behind this and I’m about to tell you why.

Today, December 12th, the Greek Orthodox Church commemorates and honours Saint Spyridon, The patron Saint of Corfu and protector of the island. This means big celebrations all round.

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Things To Do….In Corfu! – Paxos & Anti-Paxos



OK so this one isn’t technically in Corfu itself but it is a trip that is definitely worth doing. If you want to experience crystal waters so clear that boats appear as if they are floating on air then Paxos & Anti-Paxos is your dream destination! With around 1400 Greek islands to choose from it can be like finding a needle in a haystack when deciding where to go. Lucky for you there is 2 (of the best, might I add) available to you, totally hassle free, through San Stefano Travel. You get the best of both worlds by staying on the wonderful island of Corfu and still getting to visit 2 idyllic places in one day. Win win all round!

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