Things To Do….In Corfu! – Paxos & Anti-Paxos



OK so this one isn’t technically in Corfu itself but it is a trip that is definitely worth doing. If you want to experience crystal waters so clear that boats appear as if they are floating on air then Paxos & Anti-Paxos is your dream destination! With around 1400 Greek islands to choose from it can be like finding a needle in a haystack when deciding where to go. Lucky for you there is 2 (of the best, might I add) available to you, totally hassle free, through San Stefano Travel. You get the best of both worlds by staying on the wonderful island of Corfu and still getting to visit 2 idyllic places in one day. Win win all round!


The two islands are located at the Southern tip of Corfu and they truly are a small paradise. Paxos is the bigger of the two islands but still only 10km long with a population of only 2500 and tourism being its primary income. Legend has it that Poseidon struck Corfu with his trident breaking off the southern most point, creating Paxos as a retreat to hide the secret romance between him and the nymph Amphyrite away from prying eyes. When it comes to real historical facts, the island of Paxi has been inhabited from the prehistoric times. It is believed the first settlers were Phoenicians. Since then it has been through several foreign occupations.




Gaios, Loggos and Lakka are the three largest villages on Paxos and each has its own distinct charms.

The capital and main port of the island is the settlement of Gaios. Between Gaios and the islet of Agios Nikolaos, which protects the port just like the islet of Panagia, a natural canal with calm waters is formed giving the impression of being in a lake or fiord. Gaios is an interesting and picturesque settlement whose buildings and structures reflect the beautiful influences of the Venetian architecture.
On the northern part of Paxi the natural port of Lakka is found. The highlight is a unique lighthouse made of stone in 1832 with a height of 36 metres, standing almost 108 metres from sea level. This area is popular due to the variety of tavernas, shops, and bars to choose from.
Castle at Gaios
In front of the harbour of Gaios is the islet of Agios Nikolaos, which covers approximately 150 acres and rises to a height of about 45 metres atop of which sits the castle built in 1423 after permission was given by the Venetians to Adam II San Hippolyte in order to protect the inhabitants from the pirate attacks.



Lakka at the north coast of Paxos is a popular spot for yachts and small boats because its natural port is well protected from the winds. The beaches Harami and Kanoni are set on the west side of the cove of Lakka. They have both pebbled coasts, which turns into fine sand as you enter into the water. The sea bed is shallow, the waters are calm and there is abundant natural shade by trees. It is ideal for families as there are many near by tavernas, shops, cafes and bars.

Levrechio beach is located 7 km north from Gaios on the east coast of Paxos and also very close to the picturesque Loggos village. The coast is covered by white pebbles and its deep crystal clear blue waters are suitable for snorkelling and diving. Although the place is surrounded by a natural green landscape, there is no  natural shade on the beach apart from some olive trees on its upper side, so this is best if you take your own umbrellas.


Marmari beach is set on the east coast north from Gaios and is not easily accessed. It is found a few minutes’ walk from Levrechio beach, passing through the olive groves. An alternative way to reach Marmari would be taking the road from Gaios to the north (Loggos) and follow the road to the coast line. The coast is pebbled and the sea bed is shallow at first, though it gets deep. It is not crowded but tranquil and quiet and also surrounded by olive trees offering natural shade. Marmari beach has been considered a ‘hidden gem’.



This is the smaller of the 2 islands and when I say small, I mean tiny at just 4km long and pretty much non-inhabited except for a very few who spend their summer months there (approx 20 people). With only a few tavernas and a scattering of houses this island is all about the natural beauty and total tranquility of the surrounding areas. If you want a peaceful break then this is the place to choose. It does become much busier during the height of summer (July-August) as it is so famous for its white shores and waters so clear you will have rarely witnessed sights quite like it. The island is also famous for its local wine as well as its breathtaking beaches, as much of the island is covered in vineyards.

The island has 3 mains beaches. Vrika beach (white sand), Mesovrika beach (pebbled) and Voutoumi beach (pebbled), the last being the largest on the island.

The trip leaves from the port of Corfu Town. You are picked up near to your accommodation and taken to the port where you set sail for around 3 hours down the South-East coast with a full guided history of the Corfu coastline. First you will visit the blue caves on the west coast of Paxos. The boat will take you all the way in to the cave where you can capture some fantastic shots, if you are lucky enough you might even see some dolphins, so have your cameras ready.

After going into 2 of the largest caves and witnessing some beautiful little beaches and coves you will then carry on down the west coast towards the idyllic island of Anti-Paxos. This is where you will stop for swimming time at one of the islands many beautiful white sand, azure water beaches. You will have approximately 50 mins of time to swim, lay on the beach or if you prefer you can stay on the boat and admire the view. The boat offers life jackets and swim aid rings for people that are not such strong swimmers. If you have a waterproof camera or snorkel then this is the place to use it. You see a few variety of fish in this area, this is some of the clearest waters in Greece!

After departing Anti-Paxos you will then sail up the east side of Paxos towards the main port of Gaios (the capital of Paxos). The boat will dock here for approximately 2 hours where you have free time to explore the harbour village, have lunch at one of the many tavernas, browse the shops, grab an ice cream or just sit back with a drink and watch the world, and the boats, go by.

After departing Paxos you sail back up the east coast of Corfu back to the main port where you will board the coach back to your resort.

The programme of the trip sometimes differs due to weather conditions so they may switch around the order that you do things but this is usually how the trip runs if the weather is good.



Ionian Cruises are celebrating 50 years on the sea. They have partnered with us to bring you a fantastic offer. Every Sunday Paxos & Anti-Paxos is only 25 euros!! The trip runs every day except Mondays and all other days are priced at 32 euros per person. To book this wonderful experience come into our office (on the main road to the beach) or alternatively you can pre-book this online.

paxos map



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